Portal Innovations collaborates with Northeastern University to Accelerate Biotech and Medtech Startups  


Portal Innovations, a leading life sciences venture capital firm, is working with Northeastern University’s Center for Research Innovation (CRI) to launch a transformative pilot program aimed at catalyzing innovation in the biotech and Medtech sectors.  

The collaboration will support two promising startups from Northeastern joining Portal Innovations’ state-of-the-art lab space over the next year. The startups selected will gain access to Portal’s cutting-edge facilities and shared equipment, enabling them to conduct groundbreaking research and development in the heart of the emerging biotech hub at Southline Labs in South Boston.  

Prior to this collaboration, Portal’s Managing Director of Strategic Growth, Shahila Christie has been evaluating promising projects through Northeastern’s Spark Fund, a proof-of-concept fund bridging the gap between promising lab results and commercially viable inventions.  

“Partnering with nearby universities is paramount to the Portal model, and we’re excited about our pilot program with Northeastern,” said Christie. “We’re ready to help Northeastern accelerate the pace of discovery and commercialization, ultimately driving positive impact in healthcare.”  

In addition to access to premium facilities, companies participating in the pilot program will also have an opportunity to receive venture funding from Portal Innovations, further fueling their growth and development.  

“Our relationship with Portal Innovations aligns with Northeastern University’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Katie Hemphill, Director at the CRI at Northeastern University. “We are excited to provide our startups with access to Portal’s exceptional resources, creating a conducive environment for them to thrive and succeed.”  

The collaboration between Portal Innovations and Northeastern University represents a significant milestone in the advancement of the biotech and Medtech industries in the South Boston and Dorchester region. By leveraging the strengths of both institutions, the pilot program aims to drive innovation, create jobs, and ultimately improve patient outcomes through the development of cutting-edge technologies.  

Startups with Northeastern University intellectual property can contact to learn more about this pilot program. 

For more information on the partnership, please contact Joe Collura,