Catalyzing local biotech innovation.

Portal Pathbreakers presents a unique opportunity for pharmaceutical partners to tap into the heart of local biotech innovation emerging across the nation. Leveraging a pharma partner‘s areas of interests, we will meticulously curate applicants and focus our sourcing efforts on groundbreaking technologies in alignment with our partner’s strategy.

Why Pathbreakers?

If you’re a pharma company looking to partner with an organization to help discover innovative biotech and medtech startups, then look to Pathbreakers. Portal Pathbreakers gives your organization the opportunity to:

Access Groundbreaking Innovations: Leverage our focused approach to source pioneering technologies that align with your strategic goals.

Expand Your Reach: Gain insights and foster relationships in key biotech hubs like Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston, in addition to the traditional Boston and Bay Area circuits.

Engaged Sourcing: Benefit from our tailored sourcing, using our AI toolkit Stargaze™, to identify cutting-edge advancements and potential collaborations.

Interactive Engagement: Participate in reverse pitch seminars to present your strategic interests, inviting solutions and partnerships with startups and researchers.

Selective Collaboration: Through virtual meetings and a culminating Pitch Day, you can meticulously assess and engage with startups that align with your research and development goals.

Why This Matters?

Be an active player in shaping the future of biotechnology in emerging markets. Your involvement helps catalyze vital ecosystems, paving the way for advancements that can redefine the life science sector.

Join us in this endeavor to bridge the gap between groundbreaking biotech startups and major pharmaceutical players. Let’s drive innovation together.

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Who should join Pathbreakers?

Portal aims to partner with major pharma institutions that are interested in catalyzing local biotech ecosystems in emerging U.S. markets.

Which markets?

While Portal aims to be market-agnostic, we currently have lab space in Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Houston.

Current and Past Partners
  • Astellas startup partnership at ASCO – learn more