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Portal Innovations is a venture capital firm that helps exceptional life sciences innovators build their companies where they live. We surround these entrepreneurs with the resources and community they need: Seed capital, fully equipped lab space, and expertise and introductions to other investors and partners.

Crafted capital
Our visionary team of management and science leaders brings vast experience and network access to help entrepreneurs transform dreams into reality and make our world a better place.
Life science innovation relies on financial resources. We provide portfolio companies the strategic funding they need to advance and thrive.
Strategically located in emerging work/live/play ecosystems, our best-in-class wet/dry lab and office spaces are customized to the unique needs of our portfolio companies.

The Problem

Entrepreneurs struggle and VC firms miss investment opportunities when exceptional scientific innovators do not have the capital, lab space and management skills to grow new life sciences companies where they live. Many of these missed investments are due to the lack of relationships between universities and VCs.

Our Approach

For top life science innovators in emerging biotech ecosystems, we offer a clear path for them to bring their ambitions closer to reality and achieve their next round of funding.

First, we provide things that are scarce: Early-stage funding, fully equipped lab space, and introductions to our trusted, global network — all built on the real-world experiences of our founders, who have taken several life sciences startups public and raised more than $750 million in venture capital.

Second, investors are being drawn to these emerging markets by exceptional faculty at top-tier academic research institutions. Portal is the first mover in these emerging markets, identifying the most promising life sciences technologies and innovators through our university relationships. We then partner with our network of investors and corporations to support these startups together.

Third, Portal has a number of scientists on staff to help with consulting services for our portfolio companies. Whether it’s creating a go-to-market strategy, or analyzing scientific data, we’re here to help and facilitate success in life sciences.

Portal by the numbers


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