Portal Stargaze – map innovators and track biotech research trends

Portal Stargaze is a groundbreaking AI/ML tool crafted by the company’s venture team, aimed at discovering biotech trends and innovators in the life sciences.

Led by Senior Director of Venture, Steve Lehmann, Stargaze envisions biotechnology as a universe containing millions of stars, where each “star” is a patent, a paper, a grant, a clinical trial, an inventor, or a company. Like in our real universe, these stars form galaxies that move, collide, change shape, heat up, and cool down. Stargaze resolves their coordinates, measures their properties, and models their motion.

Take a look at Portal’s Director of Venture Operations, Steve Lehmann, discuss Stargaze:

Discovering new biomarkers

Portal has recently used Stargaze to create an atlas of researchers most likely to generate breakthrough innovations, to uncover under-the-radar technologies in hot areas like nucleic-acid delivery, and to predict innovation trends in non-coastal geographies. As the team points Stargaze at new geographies and technologies, they continue to discover new innovation biomarkers and investible insights. 

Take a look at our Stargaze deck below!

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